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    In the vibrant 1960s LA music scene, LOVE's debut self-titled album LOVE was a pivotal moment, featuring the iconic lineup of Bryan MacLean, Arthur Lee, Alban “Snoopy” Pfisterer, Johnny Echols, and Ken Forssi. This album, released in 1966 on Elektra Records, not only marked their beginning but also left an enduring impact on the music landscape of the era.

   Inspired by the likes of the Byrds and the burgeoning folk-rock sound echoing from the hills of LA, LOVE's music served as a wellspring of inspiration for many other local groups. Among them was none other than Jim Morrison of the Doors, who regarded LOVE as a significant musical influence. Songs like 'Softly To Me' and 'No Matter What You Do' on Side One of the album unmistakably resonate with the Doors' vibe, creating a fusion of sounds where Doors meet the Byrds.









   LOVE's connection with the Byrds goes deeper, as Bryan MacLean, vocalist and guitarist of LOVE, had previously worked as a roadie for the Byrds. This collaborative atmosphere and shared musical influence are what made the 1960s LA music scene so iconic. Recorded in January of 1966 at Sunset Sound Recorders in Hollywood, California, LOVE's debut album encapsulates the spirit of that era. 

      While some may argue that LOVE's later albums are superior, (check out Forever Changes) their debut album is a valuable piece of Laurel Canyon history, taking you on a flashback journey to the heart of the LA music scene. Notably, the album's track "No Matter What You Do" found its way onto the 'Echo in the Canyon' soundtrack, released in 2018, solidifying LOVE's enduring legacy in the world of music. Discover the roots of LA rock and the sounds that shaped an era with LOVE's debut album. 





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Founding member of 1960s LA-based group LOVE and former  Byrds roadie, Bryan MacLean born September 25, 1946.

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