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🎸Short Doc Reveals Untold Story of Infamous Post #SummerofLove California Music Venue

50 Years ago...

🎙 Pepperland : Woodstock West 🎸 (1970-1973)

ATTN - In-depth 5000-word article of this infamous music venue available soon. ...with Contributions from Big Brother & The Holding Company drummer, Dave Getz Clover guitarist / vocalist / songwriter, Alex Call Sons of Champlin roadie (42yrs), Charlie Kelly Cold Blood mgt. / Fillmore Stage Mgr. Charlie Ellicott Pepperland ownership family, Charlie Litchfield Pepperland Promoter, Skip Whitney Pepperland Stage Manager, Mapes Root

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA --- As the honeymoon from the Summer of Love was wearing off in the late 60s, many Bay Area musicians were moving north from San Francisco into easy going Marin County. The influx of musicians inspired several new North Bay music venues. Places like the Lion's Share in San Anselmo and The Sleeping Lady in Fairfax had long runs and showcased great talent, while others opened and closed quickly. Although short-lived (1970-1973), the former Pepperland ballroom in San Rafael is one of the most historically underrated music sites in the San Francisco Bay Area, having hosted some of the biggest names of the post 1960s era including dozens of artists who played Woodstock -earning it the nickname “Woodstock West.”

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Pepperland Imagery & Info Courtesy of: Thelen Creative @ ebay / Watts Music, Novato / Wolfgang’s Vault Paul “The Poster Guy” Getchell / Marin History Museum / Anne T. Kent California Room

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50+ Years @ 2200 Bridgeway

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                                  Record Plant, Sausalito - Historic Nor-Cal Music Studio                                         Produced & Released by Thelen Creative

     SAUSALITO, CA --- This docu-short takes a look at the legendary recording studio Record Plant, Sausalito located in Marin County, California. The former studio site at 2200 Bridgeway holds credits on dozens of gold & platinum recordings including five of the top 50 best-selling albums of all-time.

     The short doc features commentary from 3x Grammy Award-winner, Record Plant recording artist and Marin County resident, Narada Michael Walden, as well as Darin Chace, longtime manager of Watts Music in Novato, (Marin County’s oldest record store established 1979). Walden’s work as drummer on the Rick James 1981 album Street Songs and producing Grammy-winning records for Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston at the Record Plant are just part of this legendary locations rich history. “We all knew that working at the (Record) Plant, you were working at a place of history,” says Walden. “Because of the artists that had worked there; Stevie Wonder, Sly Stone, Prince’s first album… Fleetwood Mac.”

     In 1976, Fleetwood Mac recorded much of their Grammy-winning classic, Rumour’s album at 2200 Bridgeway. Rumour’s became the 10th best-selling album of all-time. “We could sell this (Rumour’s) album everyday if we had enough copies,” states Darin Chace of Watts Music. “We’ve sold a lot of records made at the Record Plant in our forty years... It’s a legendary place.”

     A diverse group of artists from Sly Stone and Bob Marley to Van Morrison and Metallica recorded successful projects at the Record Plant, Sausalito until this historically significant location officially closed its doors in 2009. The nearly fifty-year-old building has changed relatively little since it’s initial construction. As of 2021, a group, which includes Fleetwood Mac, Rumours co-producer & engineer Ken Calliet, have purchased the former studio and plan to preserve the site with a future eye on recording, history and education. It is now know as Sausalito Record Factory .

Written by Thelen Creative

50 YEARS! 1972-2022