Rediscovering Musical Magic: Big Brother & The Holding Company Unleash Hidden Gem at Janis Joplin’s 81st Bash

Former Bandmates Resurrect Rejected Track from Iconic Album in a Night of Cheap Thrills

by Geo Thelen

   In a heartfelt celebration commemorating the 81st birthday of the legendary Janis Joplin, friends, bandmates, and music enthusiasts converged on Friday, January 19th, 2024, in Marin County, California. This area holds deep significance in Joplin's iconic musical journey. The evening transformed into a poignant tribute to the Queen of Rock, featuring a memory-evoking performance by her original band, Big Brother and the Holding Company, presented by KC Turner Presents at Hopmonk Tavern in Novato.

   As the vibrant notes filled the surprisingly smoke-free air, 83-year-old drummer Dave Getz and 79-year-old bassist Peter Albin, former bandmates of Joplin, graced the stage once more, reigniting the raw energy and passion that defined their era. The reunion echoed the spirit of the '60s, reviving the magic of Joplin's presence in her former stomping grounds of Marin County, California, and offering welcome flashbacks to when the group served as the house band at San Francisco’s famed Avalon Ballroom.

                                           Cheap Thrills cover art by Robert Crumb

   A standout moment of the evening was the performance of a song titled "Misery’n," co-written by Peter Albin and Joplin. Interestingly, this track didn't make the cut for their 1968 #1 record Cheap Thrills. According to Albin, Columbia Records President Clive Davis personally suggested excluding the song from the album's final tracklist. However, the crowd swayed to the rhythm, underscoring that even decades later, Joplin's spirit continues to captivate hearts and inspire generations. The festivities concluded with an a cappella sing-along to the last song Janis ever recorded, "Mercedes Benz," led by onetime Starship vocalist Darby Gould, echoing Joplin's happy sign-off from the recording in 1970 with a cheerful "that’s it." The celebration, steeped in nostalgia, showcased the enduring power of Joplin's music, reminding everyone why she remains an indelible figure in rock history.

Cheap Thrills: Recorded Mar 2 - July, 1968 ~ Released: Aug. 18, 1968
   Cheap Thrills, released in 1968 on Columbia Records, is widely regarded as a cornerstone of the psychedelic sound of San Francisco. It soared to number one on the Billboard charts and secured its place at number 338 in Rolling Stone's 500 greatest albums of all time. The album is also featured in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. Notably, it earned R.I.A.A. gold certification on October 15, 1968, for exceeding $1 million in sales.

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