🍸 Unwind with Vintage Vegas Vinyl | 5 Essential 1960s LIVE From Las Vegas! Albums

🥃 Grab a Scotch and step back into the heyday of Vegas lounge shows with these must-have live albums from the swinging '60s.

    In the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas during the 1960s, the live music scene thrived, capturing the essence and variety of the era's entertainment. While most of the classic bustling casinos and iconic showrooms may be a distant memory, these live albums transport listeners back with an authentic audio documentation of the golden age of Vegas club shows. So grab a Scotch and drop your needle on this short list of essential live albums for your record collection.  

Sinatra at the Sands With Count Basie & The Orchestra (Reprise, 1966)
   Experience the quintessential 1960s Vegas scene on this timeless recording from the original Copa Room at the Sands Hotel featuring Frank Sinatra, with Count Basie & The Orchestra -conducted and arranged by a young Quincy Jones. From classic standards to captivating banter, this album encapsulates the allure of the Vegas showroom at the height of the 1960s lounge scene. The double-LP features seventy-six minutes of music and monologue captured from shows in January & February of 1966 and released on Reprise Records later that same year.

Jackpot! Dave Brubeck (Columbia, 1968)
   Dive into the captivating sounds of the classic Dave Brubeck Quartet lineup as they deliver a mesmerizing live performance at the Flamingo Room in the iconic Tropicana Hotel during the summer of 1966. Since its inception in 1957, the Tropicana has been a hub for renowned national artists, setting the stage for numerous live recordings, including Brubeck's acclaimed 1968 release on Columbia Records, Jackpot! Featuring standout tracks like "Ace in the Hole" and "Win a Few, Lose a Few," this album seamlessly infuses jazz into the spirit of 1960s Las Vegas. The ambiance of the room, resonating with the sounds of the crowd and nearby slot machines, adds an extra layer of authenticity to the album's vibe.

Nat King Cole At the Sands (Capitol, 1960)
   Step into the suave atmosphere of late 1950s and early 1960s Las Vegas as Nat King Cole delivers a captivating live performance recorded at the Sands Hotel on January 14, 1960. With his dulcet yet dynamic vocals, Cole adds a layer of refinement to the Vegas lounge ambiance in his sole commercially released live album. Surprisingly, eight out of the twelve tracks were previously unrecorded by Cole, making this album a rare treasure for fans. Originally slated for release by Capitol Records, the album didn't see the light of day until 1966, nearly a year following Cole's untimely passing from lung cancer at the age of 46.

Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas (Parrot, 1969)
   Let Tom Jones serenade you as he delivers a sensational live performance at the legendary Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas during the summer of 1969. Accompanied by a powerhouse band under the direction of Johnny Spence, Jones ignites the stage with an unforgettable show that encapsulates the vibrant energy of Vegas during its zenith. Featuring twelve electrifying tracks, this LP showcases the Welsh crooner at the pinnacle of his talent, earning him his highest chart position in the U.S. at #3. It’s nearly impossible to resist reaching for a drink while enjoying this extraordinary performance.

The Buck Owens Show: Big in Vegas (Capitol, 1969)
   Buck Owens and The Buckaroos signature Bakersfield sound set to the lively atmosphere of the  western-themed Bonanza Hotel results in a thrilling live album The Buck Owens Show: Big in Vegas. Recorded at the western-themed Bonanza Hotel, the album captures Owens and The Buckaroos in their element, delivering electrifying performances from a two-week period in July of 1969. Released by Capitol Records on December 29th, this album preserves the essence of Owens' Vegas residency allowing the vibrant energy of the venue to lives on through this recording. 

   Whether you're reminiscing about the glory days of Vegas or listening to it for the first time, these live recordings are a must-have for any music lover's record collection. So grab a bottle of Scotch, dim the lights, and let the vintage vibes transport you back to the iconic lounges of Sin City.

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